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Providing support and information to people living with Parkinson’s, their carers, the community and health professionals.

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Our Services

Improving your health and wellbeing

Our passionate team provides a range of services such as occupational therapy, counselling, nurse consultations and various support groups.
Our Services
Mark Mickan

Pedal to Fight Parkinson's is back this June!

Join us on Thursday 13 June for a 24-hour stationary bike challenge to raise life-changing funds for our loved ones living with Parkinson's.
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About Us

As a charity of The Hospital Research Foundation Group we are passionate about maximising choice, independence, mental health and wellbeing for people impacted by Parkinson’s or other neurological and movement disorders through support, education, advocacy and research in the ACT, NT and SA.

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Fundraise for Parkinson’s your way and have a positive impact on Parkinson’s research and services.

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Get your annual membership to receive support benefits and contribute to our cause at the same time.

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Your donation today will help support people living with Parkinson’s and their families.

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simon family

"You’re not really living if you don’t do new things, or if you curtail things because you’re afraid."

Margaret says she’s always felt like she could take on the world. Using the infra-red light therapy to help control her Parkinson’s and IBS has allowed her to keep trying new things.

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Our Services

We are proud to provide a range of services to the community including allied health services ranging from occupational therapy to counselling, various support groups as well as coaching and education. 

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Helpful Information

Have you been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, or are you a loved one of someone who has? Perhaps you are caring for someone with Parkinson’s or you are a health professional looking for information. We’re here to help.

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Latest News

John and Nancy

The transformational impact of painting

The ACT’s Tingey Painting with Parkinsons program is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year – and its impact over the years has been extraordinary!

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Bryce Rogers

Living beyond health challenges

Bryce Rogers has always lived life filled with adventure and travel, and he continues to live this way throughout many challenging times.

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Margaret sitting in orange chair wearing infra-red light therapy head gear.

Update on light therapy study

The five-year clinical study of light therapy for Parkinson’s symptoms has been continuing to show promising results!

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Cedric Bardy brain

Adelaide’s role in advancing Parkinson’s research

New insights into Parkinson’s disease may have been unlocked after Adelaide researchers helped recreate the human dopaminergic system in a petri dish.

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