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Thank you, you are an inspiration!

Thank you, you are an inspiration!

By becoming a gift-matcher, you'll be a leader among givers and inspire others to join the fight. The funds you help raise will give the gift of hope to our loved ones living with Parkinson's this Christmas.

Donate today and become a gift-matcher!

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Why we need you?

Sadly, Parkinson’s continues to affect our loved ones, no matter which season is upon us. Currently, in Australia, around 100,000 people are living with Parkinson’s, and 10-20 per cent of these people are under the age of 50 with Young Onset Parkinson’s. These are not just numbers; these are the faces of our friends, family members, neighbours, and loved ones. They are fighting a battle they didn’t choose every day, but we can fight with them.

In this season of giving and hope, would you please consider donating towards our gift-matching fund to ensure that ground-breaking research and compassionate care can continue to make a difference?

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You can help!

We have two research and patient care projects which depend on timely support:  

Light and Exercise for Parkinson’s:
Dr. Joyce Ramos at Flinders University is leading a pioneering study to investigate the potential of light therapy and exercise as alternatives to medication for managing Parkinson’s symptoms. Dr. Ramos’s pilot study seeks to determine if light therapy and exercise can be effective in managing these challenges. If this initial study shows positive results, it will pave the way for a larger trial, offering hope and a new approach to managing Parkinson’s.

Better Care for Parkinson’s Pain  
Dedicated PhD student Anthony Mezzini, is tirelessly working to ensure that individuals with Parkinson’s receive the best possible care, particularly when in pain. His project aims to enhance the quality of care provided to Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers, ensuring they receive the support they truly deserve

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Why become a gift-matcher?

Your action today will inspire many others to join us in our shared mission to fight against disease and illness by funding vital medical research and patient care services in the community.

We know that people are more likely to give—or give more—when donations from a gift-match fund can match their donations. For example, when they give $100, a further $100 gets added to the gift-match fund to double their impact.

With your gift, we will be able to announce the amount available for gift-matching to our other supporters so we can raise as much funds as possible for these lifesaving projects!

Yes, I want to become a gift-matcher
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