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Become a Parkinson's Champion

Join our caring community of regular givers and leave a lasting impact. Your ongoing support provides essential support to people living with Parkinson’s or other movement disorders.

Thank you for becoming a Parkinson's Champion!

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What is Monthly Giving?

Monthly Giving is an opportunity for kind donors to give a recurring donation to THRF Group – Parkinson’s and join a like-minded community that supports those living with Parkinson’s or other movement disorders.

You can choose a specific amount to donate each month and set up an automatic direct debit via your bank account or credit card each month.

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Why join Parkinson's Champions?

Our researchers are working hard to fight Parkinson’s, but they can’t do it alone. Providing reliable and ongoing funding means researchers can continue to develop their new and unique research to discover breakthroughs that our community are in desperate need of.

Monthly giving help us confidently plan ahead with a consistent stream of funding which allows us to continue our important work to maximise choice, independence and wellbeing for people affected by Parkinson’s and their families.

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How will your Gift be used?

You can choose to direct your kind gift to an area close to your heart.

  • Nominate one of our specific research projects to direct your gift
  • Support one or more of our life-changing services
  • Leave it with us to direct it to the area of greatest need

Benefits of becoming a Parkinson's Champion


It’s an efficient and easy way to give for you and THRF Group – Parkinson’s as your chosen charity

Stable Funding

You’re helping researchers continue their vital work knowing they have your committed support

Events and More

You’ll have the opportunity to attend exclusive events and meet the researchers you’re supporting behind the scenes


Join a caring community of like-minded people fighting Parkinson’s

Tax Deductible

Your monthly donations are tax deductible, and we’ll send you a statement at the end of financial year to help with your tax return

You're in Control

You have flexibility to change or cancel your gift at any time

Join Today!

Are you ready to join our caring community of Parkinson’s Champions? Join today by completing the easy online form or by phoning our friendly team.

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