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6th May 2021 Latest News

New Luxury Suites Available In Adelaide For Aged Living

Gaynes Park Suites

It has been under construction for the past 14 months, and now residents are preparing to move into Adelaide’s most exciting new luxury assisted living apartments, Gaynes Park Suites.

Liliana Zancanaro, 81 of Campbelltown, is one of many South Australian retirees excited to move into her new apartment in Life Care’s new Gaynes Park Suites in Joslin in the coming months.

“I was the very first person off the blocks a year ago and put my name down immediately – I signed up right at the beginning,” Mrs Zancanaro said.

“I’d been looking for a place and, in fact, had even put a deposit on another one just a few days prior. Gaynes Park Suites just ticked all the boxes of what we were looking for. There was nothing else that came anywhere near. I was very impressed.

“It was inevitable that my husband would become a full-time resident of Gaynes Park Manor [residential care home, next door to Gaynes Park Suites], and I would be next door and as close to him as I could possibly be, and then down the track, should I eventually need to move into higher level care, I will have priority access to that.

“It looks fantastic and I think it will set a benchmark – I’m really looking forward to moving in. Our children are very happy with our decision, and it takes a lot of the worry away from them.”

With her husband Remo, 83, having moved into neighbouring Gaynes Park Manor in November, Mrs Zancanaro is looking forward to the convenience living next door to him will bring, as well as the focus on health and wellbeing through the Suites’ chef-prepared meals and Wellbeing Program.

“There are so many services just across the road – everything you need when it comes to good health, there when you need it,” she said.

“Having a five-star chef on board is a huge bonus, because food and nutrition is always a concern as you age, and we’re really looking forward to really good nutritional food.”

Gaynes Park Suites

This new, assisted living community supports seniors who are still independent, but would benefit from easy access to domestic and hospitality services, giving residents everything they need to live safely and confidently – and doing harder tasks for them like cleaning, meals and heavy laundry.

Offering one and two-bedroom suites, the complex has been carefully designed to give residents everything they need to live securely and confidently, with access to shared spaces including a lounge, library, games area, dining room, theatre, and terrace and barbecue area.

The complex sits next door to Life Care’s renowned residential aged care home Gaynes Park Manor, with residents easily able to visit their partners should one of them need a higher level of care in the future.

Tours of Gaynes Park Suites can be arranged by contacting David on 0437 795 325 or visiting

Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189