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6th May 2021 Latest News

News From Our Clinical Nurse Consultant Jo

Jo Dalton

I am the new Clinical Nurse Consultant (neuro and movement disorders) at THRF Group – Parkinson’s.

It is very exciting to be our first community-based nurse and the clients I have spoken to in person and over the phone are so grateful to have a nurse to provide support and advice for problems that arise.

Here is a bit more about my role:

What is the role of the Clinical Nurse Consultant?

The Clinical Nurse Consultant supports people and their families living with Parkinson’s and neuro and movement disorders by optimising their knowledge and understanding of treatments, services and supports available.

A detailed holistic assessment is carried out on the first visit which provides the basis for ongoing care. It is reassuring to know this is a two-hour appointment so we don’t need to feel rushed, allowing us to identify any problems, discuss questions and identify next steps and solutions.

During this appointment, an individualised care plan that meets your goals is developed and each client is provided a copy of their care plan. The nurse works closely with the other members of the multi-disciplinary team and in partnership with Neurologists, Geriatricians and GPs to ensure early access to health services that improve the person’s quality of life and help them reach their goals.

Where can I see the nurse?

The nurse sees clients across their entire journey and appointments can be organised at the Parkinson’s office at Unley, The Hospital Research Foundation Group office at Woodville, in the home, hospital, aged care and respite facilities.

Do I need a referral?

The good news is no, an open referral system is in place. This means you may self-refer to the service or, with your permission, a family member may make initial contact. Your GP, treating medical specialist or health professional may also refer you. To self-refer, simply contact us and complete a Client Detail / Referral form.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

A current health summary from your GP or health professional which includes your medical history and a list of your current medications.

How often will I see the nurse?

Each person’s journey is unique, so there is no predetermined frequency of visits. A review of care is planned in conjunction with you, and if circumstances change or you or a family member is experiencing difficulties, the nurse is available on the phone or in person.

Will my doctor or other health professional be aware that I have seen the nurse?

Yes. With your permission, your GP, treating medical specialist and other health professionals involved in your care will receive a copy of your nursing assessment. This ensures all health care professionals involved in your care are kept ‘in the loop’.

Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189