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1st October 2021 Latest News

Sharing Is Caring

Gawler group

In Gawler, a group of locals come together each month, linked by Parkinson’s but connected by coffee and craft.

The group leaders Suzanne and Carole met by chance at a craft morning, fostering an ongoing friendship.

Suzanne, already with MS, recognised her movement and coordination had changed and was then given a diagnosis of Parkinson’s; whilst her friend Carole, who was experiencing mild hand tremors and slower body movements (particularly walking), was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Different symptoms, same disease – they were both shocked!

Determined to continue to live well and raise awareness for Parkinson’s, the two share in hosting the Gawler PD Coffee Group, a social group which meets monthly and shares a passion of crafting, coffee and creative writing.

Suzanne shared a wonderful poem she had written about the creation of their Coffee Group (see below).

As well as hosting the group, these Gawler locals spend their time baking homemade goodies for local markets and stalls, with the money raised going towards supporting Parkinson’s. They were recently welcomed to a morning tea at Unley where Olivia Nassaris, Executive Director was given a cheque to the value of $2,000 – an amazing contribution from fundraising efforts selling raffle tickets, jams and crafts.

Congratulations and sincere thanks go to the entire Gawler PD Coffee Group for your efforts in bringing hope and support to the Gawler Community and your amazing fundraising efforts.

New members are always welcome to join the Gawler PD Coffee Group. Contact Suzanne on 0418 835 559 for more details.

OUR PD Coffee Group By Suzanne Young
It began in troubled times, you see
A hideous virus invaded our planet
All meetings had to be cancelled unfortunately
So we stayed home for awhile
Leaving with a frown, not a smile
But time changed little for everyone
Gone was the friendship and support
The world seemed dark, gone was the sun
Until one day
A generous offer came our way
I have a room, a place we can meet
And use as our own, said Cheree
Determined we were, not to be beat
And we all took a vow
This virus wouldn’t stop us now
Our new PD Coffee Group starts there
You will find us unique
For the poetry we write and share
Craft projects to make
And food bake
These skills are for therapyF
or our brains
And dexterity
For fun and for fundraising
A sense of achieving
As we hobble in with sticks and walkers
Loyal Carers are watching by
There’s a smile on our faces
No one needs to be shy
Or question why?
Yes, we are unique
A proud little group fighting a battles
Strong and determined, not weak
May the sun keep shining
On our PD Coffee Group

Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189