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6th May 2021 Latest News

Shouting Out Loud

Patient talking to doctor

THRF Group Parkinson’s newest recreational support group encourages you to raise your voice!

People love to sing. Whether or not we are doing it well is beside the point!

There are many studies that have been undertaken to prove that singing is, in fact, good for your body and your mind.

Both individual singing as well as in choirs have been studied for people with Parkinson’s, showing that singing may be helpful in:

  • Enhancing voice volume and quality – Parkinson’s can cause hypophonia (low voice volume) and monotonous speech and singing as therapy can improve these symptoms.
  • Improving respiration and swallowing – Some studies have shown that singing can also strengthen muscles responsible for swallowing and breathing.

Singing may also have additional benefits including:

  • Providing avenues for socialisation – Working with others to perform a song offers the opportunity for socialisation and collaboration.
  • Enhancing mood and/or cognitive function – Some studies support the ability of music-based therapies to improve mood and cognition.

Communication impairment is a common symptom of Parkinson’s. Singing shares many of the neural networks and structural mechanisms used during speech and, thus, has potential for therapeutic application to address speech disorders.

The goal of this recreational therapy activity is to restore, remediate and enhance a person’s functioning while fostering independence in life activities. Having fun while simultaneously reaching better health outcomes? Yes, please!

The Shout Out Singing Group meets every Monday at 25 King William Road, Unley, from 10:15am to 11:15am.

For more information and to join please contact Simone, Client and Community Engagement Manager on 8357 8909 or email [email protected]

Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189