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Narelle is the THRFG Parkinson’s Wellbeing Officer, responsible for counselling – specialising in anxiety and trauma, stress, resilience and wellbeing.

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About Narelle

Narelle Completed the Bachelor of Applied Science in Disability Studies in 2010 and has worked across a variety of roles in the disability sector including direct support, support coordination, Day program development and management, regional coordinator for a disability provider and after-hours escalation management.

She had considerable experience with the NDIS and how to gain positive outcomes from the system. She is passionate about education and how information and understanding can assist a person to make informed choices and improve their quality of their life.

Narelle's role as Wellbeing Officer

  • As a Wellbeing Officer, Narelle is responsible for the education and support of people with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders and their family/carers.
  • She can assist people to better manage their condition and support them in accessing appropriate support through referrals and connections with available services.
  • Her experience with working with the NDIS will support people to better understand their funding and how it can be utilised.

The Parkinson's Community

Just as THRFG Parkinson’s is committed to supporting people living with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions, Narelle, too, is passionate about the holistic well-being of the entire Parkinson’s community.

​Family, friends and partners are also included in that definition of people living with Parkinson’s. Whether by relationship or by choice, anyone who lives with an individual diagnosed with Parkinson’s or other related conditions is also living with it every day, just differently. It’s a team effort!

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The Five Pillars of Focus

​Throughout the years working with people experiencing physical, emotional and mental stress, Narelle has identified 5 key pillars of focus to restore, enhance and maintain well-being. These are…

  1. Social Connection
    Research shows that maintaining a strong social circle is foundational to all other areas of well-being and is a core component of an individual’s resilience quotient (RQ).
  2. Mental Toughness
    Being able to recognise distorted thinking styles and developing strategies to re-frame the way we view life circumstances is a skill to strengthen not a character trait that is inherited.
  3. Physical Endurance
    The first and most powerful response to any stress, real or perceived is physical, so it stands to reason that learning how stress impacts you physically and how to manage this effectively is a powerful coping tool.
  4. Emotional Regulation
    It has been said that it is not your IQ that determines your success and enjoyment in life, rather it’s your EQ-your ability to manage your emotions, having the capacity to ‘calm the farm’ and focus on what is really important in the moment.
  5. Meaning and Purpose
    What is really important to you? What gives your life meaning and purpose? Recognising that your values act as your rudder, your compass and your stabiliser in life. We need to connect and strengthen those things in our life and character that are most important to us.
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