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Carers play an important role in the care and support of someone with Parkinson’s.

They are often partners and family members, but could also be friends or neighbours. Many carers who provide care and support will not view themselves as a ‘carer’ – for this reason we also use the title ‘primary support person’.

As a carer/primary support person you also need support. We have support groups, counselling, coaching and can assist you with your own carer wellbeing plan and how to access services to support you in your role. Call us on (08) 8357 8909 to find out what is available for you.

To be a good carer you need:

  • an understanding of some of the special difficulties associated with Parkinson’s
  • to learn when to help and when not to
  • to allow time for the person to do things for him or herself, without hurrying
  • to not take over
  • knowledge about who to go to for help for things such as aids to daily living
  • to have survival strategies
  • to be honest in your relationship

Carers suffer from:

  • icon fundraising  purple Frustration
  • icon fundraising  purple Depression
  • icon fundraising  purple Sleep disorders

Carers need:

  • icon donate  purple Information
  • icon donate  purple Encouragement
  • icon donate  purple A listening ear
  • icon donate  purple Recognition
  • icon donate  purple Opportunity to express frustration
  • icon donate  purple Support
  • icon donate  purple Good communication with health professionals
  • icon donate  purple Easy availability of treatment
  • icon donate  purple Quality time away
  • icon donate  purple Access to respite care
  • icon donate  purple Emotional support
  • icon donate  purple A good night's sleep
  • icon donate  purple To look after themselves and their own health
  • icon donate  purple A sense of humour
  • icon donate  purple Pampering from time to time

Carer’s Australia has produced an excellent online resource called “Surviving the Maze” with over 60 fact sheets to assist carers to navigate the service system of community support.

Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189