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Hospital Grab Bag

The Problem

Often people living with Parkinson’s experience anxiety before being admitted to hospital as often the staff do not know about the administration of Parkinson’s medications having to be on time, every time.

A multidisciplinary research group based in SA Pharmacy conducted an audit of patient medication records in South Australian hospital and found that 85% of patients had a medication administration error during admission to hospital. The types of medication errors included omitted medicines, delayed or early dosing or being given the wrong formulation of therapy. Importantly this study identified that having difficulty swallowing medicines increased the risk of medication errors 1.5 fold.

This home grown research can be accessed in full from this link:

International data suggesting people with Parkinson’s often experience symptom control deterioration during hospital admission. Parkinson’s medications are flagged as being time critical – that is they should be given within 30 minutes of their charted dosing time.

The Solution

The Hospital Research Foundation Group Parkinson’s have worked with the Pharmaceutical Society of South Australia, which includes board member Michael Bakker, to produce a grab bag that acts as a hospitalisation tool to help patients ensure their medication needs are met if and when they need to be admitted to hospital.
The grab bag contains a complete and up to date medications list, material to educate nurses on the importance of timely medication administration, and their care needs.

How Do I Get One?

The grab bags which have been developed with assistance of Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists and Pharmacists are available by contacting: [email protected]

Complete Grab Bag Grey Pouch + Contents – $10

The grab bag contains your up to date medical information you need to present to medical staff during a hospitalisation. Keeping it in an easily accessible location and ensuring carers and family are aware of it to bring in case of an unplanned hospitalisation, will be key in ensuring hospital staff are well informed of your needs.


  1. Have the MEDICATIONS LIST completed by your Pharmacist.
  2. Have your Pharmacist provide a short term (5 day) supply of medications.
  3. Complete your personal details and care requirements on each of the enclosed documents.
  4. Check your short term supply medications are not expired (every 6 months)
  5. Ensure your MEDICATIONS LIST remains current if you have any changes to medications, dosages etc.

Whats in your Hospital Grab Bag

The grab bag contains the following, with space to add your own personal items.

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