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Parkinson's Nurse Specialists

The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist (PNS) Role is invaluable in supporting people and their families living with Parkinson’s by optimising their knowledge, understanding of treatments and supports available. The Nursing service has an open referral system in place, meaning you can refer yourself. To refer to the PNS team, please contact THRFG Parkinson’s on (08) 8357 8909 or email [email protected]

What the Nursing Service Involves 

A detailed holistic assessment is carried out on the first visit and provides a basis for ongoing care. Once you have met with your nurse for the initial assessment, your nurse will provide you with a care plan and work with you to focus on addressing key questions, areas of concern and help you to reach your goals.

Symptoms that you may experience that your Parkinson’s nurse can assist you with includes, but is not limited to

  • Tremor, rigidity, and slowness of movement
  • Medication management
  • Speech and swallowing
  • Falls prevention and mobility
  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Mood
  • Continence

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Costs Are Involved?

There is no cost to access the nursing service

What Preparation is Required? 

Once you are connected with a nurse, they will schedule an appointment time with you. A confirmation email will be sent, with questionnaires for you to complete prior to your assessment. You should bring an up-to-date list of current medications you are taking. If you are unable to fill out the questionnaires or do not have an email – That is okay, the nurse can assist you on  the day.

How Long will the Appointment Take?

The initial appointment can take approximately 1-2 hours to complete, the nurses do not like to put a time limit on appointments, this ensures you have enough time to talk about your concerns or questions you may have.

Where will the Appointment Take Place?

Appointments are offered at THRFG Parkinson’s Unley and Woodville offices, in clients homes, hospitals, aged care and respite facilities.

To see a member of the PNS team please fill in a copy of the form below and send it to [email protected]

Client Details Form__Interactive

Alternativley, you can call the office on (08) 8357 8909 and speak with one of our team to fill the form out.

Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189