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Support Groups

Support and education groups are friendly and welcoming groups which provide a forum for social contact, support and learning. Friends, family members and carers are welcome to attend.

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Find out about our Support Groups

Many people find that Support Groups help them cope with the day-to-day realities of living with Parkinson’s. The opportunity to swap stories and share resources can be truly therapeutic.

You can download list a list of groups available in your local area here: Groups List

Metro and Regional Support Groups

The following listings provide further details on locations and contacts for support, exercise, recreational and specialised groups to connect yourself with.

Please contact the relevant group leaders for further details on group content and up to date meeting dates

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Exercise Groups

Exercise benefits all people with Parkinson’s, regardless of how long you have been living with the condition. The precise benefits of exercise are dependent on the type of exercise you undertake and how far your Parkinson’s has progressed.

Dance, exercise and boxing groups designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s are popular. We have a range of groups listed across metro and regional South Australia to connect with.

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Recreational groups

Our recreational groups aim to provide support around your individual interests and goals. Activities can include things like photography, jewellery making or working with fabric or ceramics.

You will spend time with like-minded people learning skills, doing activities you enjoy and exploring new experiences. Many people with Parkinson’s turn to recreational pursuits with great success and enjoy the therapeutic effects and satisfaction such activities can bring.

As individuals, we all respond to different stimuli, so you may like to try a variety of activities to see what works for you both therapeutically and artistically.

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Specialised Support

Our specialised groups are designed to help you make meaningful social connections, engage in important dialogue, explore useful education and resources and build long-lasting friendships.

  • Women with Parkinson’s
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Men’s Group
  • Family Carers
  • Bereavement Group
  • Dystonia
  • 20s-50s group
  • Other support groups
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Northern Territory

Support and education groups are friendly and welcoming.

Please contact the relevant group leaders for further details on group content and up to date meeting dates.

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Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189