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Monthly Giving

As a Monthly Giver you will help us provide essential support to people living with Parkinson’s or other movement disorders. Your donation will be processed automatically each month, providing a consistent stream of funding for our life-changing research and services.

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When you join as a Monthly Giver you help us confidently plan ahead with a consistent stream of funding which allows us to continue our important work to maximise choice, independence and wellbeing for people affected by Parkinson’s and their families.

What is Monthly Giving?

Monthly Giving is where you kindly nominate a dollar amount to give to THRF Group – Parkinson’s month. You can set up monthly giving via your credit card or direct debit via your bank account.

Benefits of joining as a Monthly Giver:

  • It’s an extremely efficient way to give, both for you and us as your chosen charity
  • You’re helping researchers continue their vital work knowing they have your committed support
  • You’ll have the opportunity to attend exclusive events and see the researchers you’re supporting work behind the scenes
  • Your monthly donations are tax deductible, and we’ll send you a statement at the end of financial year to help with your tax return
  • You can cancel or change your gift amount at any time

You can feel proud as a monthly giver to THRF Group – Parkinson’s that you are doing your bit to support to people living with Parkinson’s or other movement disorders.

Ready to Join? Become a member by signing up quickly and easily online right now!

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How will your Gift be used?

Where your gift will be directed is completely up to you!

  • You may choose to nominate a specific research project
  • Support one of our life-changing services
  • Leave it with us to direct it to the area of greatest need

How do I join as a Monthly Giver?

  • Visit our donation page to join quickly and easily. You can choose to set up your donations from a credit card or bank account debit
  • Phone our friendly team on (08) 7002 0880 and we can set you up.
Donate Support Line: 1800 644 189